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Mending Zenful

Minds, LLC.

Who We Are

Mending Zenful Minds, LLC. is a small business founded by Rebecca Boothroyd in 2022 after attending a Women's Empowerment Conference in November 2021.  It was on that weekend, that Rebecca realized she needed to put her passions into fruition and hold herself accountable to sharing her gifts from spirit with others.  Rebecca is dedicated to working with like-minded energy healers and holding space to aid others in their spiritual journeys. 


Rebecca's goal with Mending Zenful Minds, LLC. is to have individuals tap into their human experience through spirit and be a witness both as a facilitator and mirror to one becoming the best version of themselves. 

Rebecca is a Reiki Grandmaster, 10th Degree, and offers mentorship to others seeking to offer light energy healing.   She studied under Sensei for Reiki Grandmaster, 10th Degree, from Edinburg, Texas and holds expertise in life coaching, reiki, and law of attraction training. 


Rebecca is a true empath and wounded healer who has confronted her own shadow side through the help of her Reiki Master. Through breaking through these shadow barriers, Rebecca comes to you to share and bask in the light that is within all of us. This she states is her true calling and passion.


"If you are feeling lost or confused and like me, you don't know what is up or down, but you are ready to keep fighting. 

Then please join me for one of my sessions and let me help you and/or your family on your road to healing."                         

Love & Light,



Services Available: reiki sessions, crystal healing, tarot cards, pendulum questions, guided meditations, and reiki mentorships. 



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